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Our aim is to create quick and accurate drawings that communicate more than the client though possible. Only we can do that.

2nd Engineering Department
Assistant Engineer Mr. K.T.Joined the company in 2018

【Design Accomplishments】
Syngas compressor line (Canada), Compressor oil system unit (Brazil), etc.

  • Joining a brilliant team on his own

    His second summer in the company. At the request of the client company, he was stationed in Hiroshima for the contract. The objective of the project was to complete mechanical designs for cooling lines for overseas oil refineries. Of a 25-member team, only 1 engineer was sent from Design City Japan Ltd. I was nervous on the first day, but it was an engaging and friendly workplace. There were specialists in each field on the team, and I was overwhelmed that when I asked questions, they would say “refer to this order number” based on past projects. The sense of speed that comes from direct, onsite communication, learning design procedures used in the U.S. and Russia, and creating planning drawings and 3D models for the proposal, all added up to a very valuable experience.

  • My first time in Hiroshima! I learned a lot from taking in the “factory night view” on my days off!
  • 3D models that are viewable from all angles are truly fascinating
  • Design was my only focus every day

    The responsibility and freedom that comes with deciding both the schedule and design product together make design work very appealing. As long as you make the delivery date, you can decide to increase work one day and decrease it another based on what you feel is appropriate, increasing the effectiveness of your working time. All design decisions are ultimately your own, so you can determine the best position and orientation of titles and objects on your drawings, to make them accurate and easy to understand. My work is very fulfilling and when clients show their gratitude for my work or request my work again, it is very motivating. Coming from a sciences background, I am very interested in specific details, and I sometimes get design inspiration from the old cars that I spend time on my days off with as a hobby.

  • Regardless of age or status within the company, we all work together as teammates

    When I talk like this, it may sound like everything is smooth sailing, but in fact, immediately after joining the company, I caused an incident when I was anemic and collapsed during the morning assembly (laughs), and it was very embarrassing to have fainted in front of everyone. Actually, that took a bit of pressure off of me and I was able to relax into my job because of it. At the time, my coworkers also showed me kindness and I was provided with iron supplementation, so I thought “this is a good company.” Looking back on it, when I was stationed in Hiroshima, I think that the warm welcome that I received was largely thanks to my senior at Design City, Mr. A., who had a good reputation with the client. The quality of the people at Design City Japan is another perk of working there. If you are thinking to yourself “I want to be involved in mechanical design” or “I really want a career,” then don’t hesitate to join our team! If you have passion and a desire to learn, then you can take this career as far as you want! Learning mechanical design software while you are a student will also be a great use of your time! It will definitely give you a leg up! (laughs)  An exciting future is waiting for you if you are willing to make the most of yourself and open yourself up to the world.

  • Mutual respect and affection are ever-present between Mr. K.T. and his supervisor Mr. A.
I am even more obsessed with design now than I was with AI and Robotics which I studied at university!

I am even more obsessed with design now than I was with AI and Robotics which I studied at university!

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