Design City Japan 株式会社

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Pursuing the Best Technologies
in each field from all over the world

With our constant pursuit of the best available technologies, we can meet any design need in our fields of expertise around the world. We provide the highest level of support in plant engineering and manufacturing.

Track Record / Expertise
  • Chemical Plant Chemical Plant

    1. Ethylene、Propylene: Raw materials for making Plastics, Textiles and Fibers etc.
    2. PVC Resin: For commercial use / industrial / construction use
    3. PTA (High-purity Terephthalic Acid): Plastic bottle raw material
    4. Ammonia: Fertilizer, Next-generation fuel
  • Iron and Steel Manufacturing Iron and Steel Manufacturing

    1. Upstream Processes: Raw Material yards, Coke Facilities, Sintering Facilities, Conveyor Systems, Larry Cars, Duct systems
    2. Blast Furnace / Oxygen Blast Furnace: Furnace Insertion Equipment、Blast Furnace Ancillary Equipment, Pedestals, Duct, Piping, etc.
    3. Downstream Processes: Hot Rolling Facilities, Mill Rolling Lines, Coil Processing Lines
  • Pharmaceutical / Food Plant Pharmaceutical / Food Plant

    1. Chemical Synthesis Plants: Pharmaceutical Drugs, Anti-cancer Drugs, Hyaluronic Acid, etc.
    2. Cell Culture Facilities: Vaccines, Medicines, etc.
    3. Food Production Plant: Food Production Equipment, Sterilization (Autoclave etc.)
  • Energy / Environmental Plant Energy / Environmental Plant

    1. Biomass Power Generation: Wood Chip and Wood Pallet-based Generation
    2. CO2 Capture: Separation / Recovery of CO2 / Decarbonization
    3. IGCC (Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle)
  • General Industrial Machinery General Industrial Machinery

    1. Transportation Machinery: Factory Automation, Efficiency Improvement Techniques
    2. Conveyor: Mineral Conveyor Systems, Waste Disposal Facilities and Equipment, etc.
    3. Industrial Facilities: Structures, Pipe supports, Industrial Chimneys, etc.

    ◎ Planning, Drafting, Production Capacity Calculation / Strength Calculation

  • Other Services Other Services

    1. Piping: Site Surveys, Planning, Detailed Design, Unit equipment Piping and Equipment, etc.
    2. Packaging Machinery: Foodstuffs, Daily Use Items, Pharmaceuticals, Industrial, etc.
    3. Semiconductors/LCDs: Development and Design of New Manufacturing Facilities and Equipment
    4. Railroad: Rail Car Internal Equipment Design

    ◎ Import Consulting / Support – Consultation / Government Application / Processing Services for Importing Overseas-manufactured Pressure Vessels

Design Tools Expertise
  • ■ Strength / Stress Calculation / Structural Analysis Software

    • COMPRESS: Vessel Design Software (ASME SEC.VIII DIV.1, DIV.2)
    • FE-Pipe: Local Stress Calculation (Finite Element Analysis)
    • TOSCA-TW (High Pressure Gas Safety Law: Strength calculation based on specific inspection rules)
    • PRESSEL (Strength Calculation – Structural Standards for Pressure Vessels)
    • Strength Calculation – Seismic Design Guidelines for High-pressure Gas Equipment
    • Strength Calculations for Seismic Design Standards for Kanagawa Prefecture High-pressure Gas
    • STAN-3D (Structural Analysis Software / Building Construction Permit Application Analysis)
    • In-house software developed based on Excel
    1. Domestic – Regulations and Standards Conformity: Pressure Resistance, Earthquake Resistance, Wind Resistance, Various Strength Calculations(Electricity Business Act, Gas Business Act, Fire Service Act, Boiler Structure Standards)
    2. International - Standards: ASME・WRC (Bijlaard Method) Various Strength Calculation Forms
    3. Types of Machinery Services: Various Standard Strength Calculation Sheets (JPI, etc.) and a Variety Conveyor Performance Calculations, etc.
  • ■ 2D/3D Drafting Software

    • SOLID WORKS (3D)
    • iCAD SX (3D)
    • AutoCAD (2D)
    • MICRO CADAM Helix (2D)