Design City Japan 株式会社

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A Technical Team that Delivers
on Trust and Provides Peace of Mind

Since our founding, we have delivered advanced design technology and overwhelming know-how, originally in the field of pressure equipment. We create systems that provide the products you need in their perfect forms at all times.

DJI's Strengths
  • We are fostering the experts of the future in the younger members of our workforce.Workforce composition - Age
  • Our Team is Rich in Qualifications
Quality Assurance
  • 3-step Verification Process Provides Peace of Mind
  • Information and Progress Shared within the Team
  • Provider of Cutting-edge Security Systems

    • Firewall
    • Anti-virus package (Anti-virus package)
    • Asset Management System, Other

    ◎ In-house System Engineering.
    ◎ Thorough education is delivered through practical training
      (internal / external).
    ◎ We are prepared to present our systems to purchasing and
    management departments of potential clients and business partners in addition to IT departments / procurement staff.

  • Provider of Cutting-edge Security Systems