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One day, I want to design in China.That is how I want to repay the company that taught me a lot.

Zengren WengMechanical Designer, Division 1 Joined in 2013

 Joined in 2013 Zengren Weng


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Mechanical planning was a lot harder than I imagined.The knowledge required is wide and deep.

I came to Japan from China when I was 22 years old to study Japanese technology. I joined Design City Japan after studying at Japanese language school for 1.5 years and studied at university majoring in mechanical engineering as undergraduate and graduate student.
Mechanical planning was a lot harder than I imagined. The knowledge required is wide and deep. You have to understand everything when planning while keeping in mind about the people who are going to build the actual mechanics, so you really need your brain working at full speed. Yes, there are times I make mistakes. But when I make a mistake, I try to write it down to never make the same mistake twice.


It’s fun when I feel I’m learning from what I am doing.

As I learn by drawing, number of corrections from my boss lessened. But since I’m older than colleagues that joined with me, I know I have to work even harder.
During my 2nd year at Design City Japan, I was assigned to be in charge of making a platform of a large tower. That was the first time I spoke to my clients over the phone. I was so nervous I remember my hands trembling. I caused a lot of inconveniences, but I was happy when my boss told me that I did a good job.


I love that the Company puts a lot of effort in educating its employees.

Design City Japan is really an ideal, at-home workplace. Your nationality doesn’t matter at all. People give advice when you make a mistake, and approve if you do your best. Since it’s a small-size company, there are many chances, and I love that the Company puts a lot of effort in educating its employees. Senior employees give off-hour lectures every day. And I love the city of Nakatsu. It’s close to the sea, and there are a lot of green around the area. It’s similar to my hometown in Fujian.

My dream is to be able to design in China one day. Then I would find a new market in China. This is how I want to repay this Company.



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