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How much experience you have doesn’t matter. As long as you have thestrength to continuelearning, everyone has a chance to change the world.

Koji KajiPresident

President Koji Kaji


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I used to be a cook.

I once had a dream of becoming a chef. That’s why I feel like the world of mechanical designing is similar to the world of cooking.
If you are able to satisfy your customers, word of mouth brings new customers. Some may appoint you to cook, and you can even start your own restaurant using your skills. In that sense, joining Design City Japan is joining for your skills, rather than joining for the company.


This job is about having twice the joy.

What’s rewarding about this job is there is joy of decision-making. You get to decide where to start to draw a line on a blank sheet. Then come the decision of "what willthe size of the bolt be, and how many willIuse", "what's the best weldingprocess", and many more before reaching the goal. You gather all the right reasons and client’s requests and decide the right choice one by one. The joy is overwhelming when your client says, “Let’s go with your plan”. You get to decide on your own, and get the approval. This job is about having twice the joy!


In order to make decisions, knowledge is necessary.

Knowledge on materials, mechanics, construction methods, distribution methods, methods to prepare for earthquakes and fire are only a few to start with. But nobody has full knowledge from the beginning. The fact is that it’s quite the opposite, and you don’t need any knowledge to start. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve studied at humanities course or at science course. Everything will be taught on the job.

However, the process is not easy. Like a cook learning how to use a knife, the process may seem dull. But chances are equally given to all. We will support you. We want to give you that sense of achievement at the beginning of your career, no matter how small the achievement may be. We know that such experience will become your confidence to overcome the next challenge.

The important thing is to continue learning. Be curious about everything. If you are capable of doing that, you will have the chance to move the world. Because the world is made from mechanical facilities that we design.



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    Nami Ando, Section Chief, Division 1, Joined in 2007


    Zengren Weng, Joined in 2013


    Masakazu Nakashima, Senior Engineer, Division 2, Joined in 1998


    Akira Suematsu, Senior Group Manager, Division 2, Joined in 1994


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