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Welcome to the place where the world of creation begins.

Design City Japan Ltd. is a group of professional machine designing technicians. Although it is not widely known, our designs are filled in your daily life. Gasoline, iron, plastic, chemical fiber, pet bottle and medical products… Such products that make our lives possible are each made from their own mechanical facilities. We design such mechanical facilities. This is where the world of manufacturing begins.

Career Introduction

Mechanical Designer
(General Affairs Position)
We are targeting candidates with Science diploma.
We believe someone who meets the following criteria will take an active role at Design City Japan.
  • Who has experienced putting themselves into difficult situations and has overcome such difficulties.
  • Who has been a leader at university clubs.
  • Who wants to gain knowledge and experience through their career.
  • Who is strong in mathematic.
CAD Operator
(Administrative Position)
We believe someone who meets the following criteria will take an active role at Design City Japan.
  • Who has been told that they are considerate.
  • Who is willing to eagerly learn something they don’t know.
  • Who wish to make a U turn to their hometown Oita, and contribute to Oita.

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Stories of employees that continue to draw a new tomorrow.

Koji Kaji,President

Koji Kaji


I once had a dream of becoming a chef. That’s why I feel like the world of mechanical designing is similar to the world of cooking. If you are able to satisfy your customers, word of mouth brings new customers. Some may appoint you to cook, and you can even start your own restaurant using your skills. In that sense, ......

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Nami Ando,Section Chief, Division 1, Joined in 2007

Nami Ando

Section Chief, Division 1, Joined in 2007

I'm not from an engineering field. I joined this company only because I lived in the area. I had no idea on what to do, and when I asked my boss what a “bolt” was, he almost fainted. But Design City Japan taught me how to use CAD from scratch...

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Zengren Weng,Joined in 2013

Zengren Weng

Mechanical Designer, Division 1, Joined in 2013

My dream is to be able to design in China one day. Then I would find a new market in China. This is how I want to repay this Company....

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