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Upper Stream

At Division 2, we plan and draw machines, equipment and facilities for industries. We propose our clients from basic and detailed planning to improvement planning of factory facilities. Our dispatched technicians are working with our clients around the world as members of development projects. Please do not hesitate to inquire us on anything regarding establishing, or improving your factory facilities.

Steel Manufacturing

Upper Stream
Expansion and/or updating of material yard, coke facility, sintering facility, transport conveyer and duct.
Blast Furnace & Hot-blast Stove
Expansion and/or updating furnace top charging equipment, ancillary facility of hot-blast stove, main runner facility, trestle, duct and piping.
Down Stream
Expansion and/or updating rolling facility, rolling mill line, coil processing line, and piping.

Waste Disposal

Garbage Disposal
Planning of incineration facility, RDF facility layout and duct.
Industrial Waste Disposal
Investigating lines of heavy liquid separator facility, planning and strength calculation of transport conveyer.
Adsorbing Tank
Casing of ventilation and air conditioning facility, planning of ancillary facility.


Semiconductor & Liquid Crystal
Support development and planning of new semiconductor manufacturing facility and liquid crystal manufacturing facility.
Industrial Machine
Planning, drawing, ability calculation and strength calculation of transfer machine, conveyer and mounting.
Draw-up of 3D Model
Started cost reduction activities by standardizing planning using 3DCAD.
Structure Analysis of Steel Structure
Support material selection, safety examination, and load analysis of different structures necessary in factory.
Dispatching of Technicians
We will dispatch professional technicians with firm knowledge of planning techniques to support our clients’ projects.

Division 1


Calculation Software

  • Frame Structure Analysis Software
  • In-House Developed Software using Excel

    Efficiency calculation for conveyers, etc.

Planning Software

  • AutoCAD (2D)
  • Autodesk Inventor (3D)
  • MICRO CADAM Helix (2D)


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