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Division 1

At Division 1, we design mechanical equipment for chemical industry such as oil industry. We propose basic to detail designs of repeater, pagoda,tank, heat exchanger, and storage tank. It is a field that Design City Japan has put a lot of effort since its establishment, and we have top-class records nationwide. We will meet our clients’ expectation by using our special techniques on high temperature and high pressure we have acquired through our experiences in the field.

Oil Refining Plant

FCC Plant
Manufacturing high octane gasoline from heavy oil.
Desulfurization Plant
Refining petroleum distillates using hydrogen.

Energy Plant

IGCC (Integrated Coal Gasification Combined Cycle) Plant
Plant that combine gas and steam turbine for effective power generation.
DME Plant
Plant that produce dimethyl ether, a watched alternative fuel for LPG.

Medical Plant

Synthetic Plant
Plant that produce pharmaceutical products, anticancer agent, and hyaluronic acid by synthetizing chemical substances.
Culture Plant
Plant that culture bacteria to produce vaccine and pharmaceutical products. It is also used for manufacturing yogurt.

Petrochemical Plant

Ethylene & Propylene Plant
Plant that synthesizes ethylene and propylene from crude oil and produce material for plastic.
PTA Plant
Plant that produce polyethylene-terephthalate (PET) from crude oil.
Synthetic Rubber Plant
Plant that produce rubber from petroleum-derived butadiene used as a material for tires.
Fertilizer Plant
Plant that produce fertilizer from ammonia. There is a rapid increase in demand in developing countries.


VENDOR Book Authoring Support
Support vendors, companies that manufacture machinery and equipment, in drawing design sheet and/or strength calculation of pagoda, tank, heat exchanger, and storage tank.
Draw Up of 3D Model
Draw up 3D plans using 3DCAD. It leads to cost reduction by using it as trial and/or as simulation for construction procedure.
Evaluation of Seismic Capacity
One of our company’s strength is our computing performance to calculate the strength of existing facilities. Demand for such examination is rapidly increasing due to awareness towards disaster preparation.

Division 2


Intensity Calculation Software

  • COMPRESS: ASME SEC.VIII DIV.1, DIV.2 Vessel Design Software
  • FE-Pipe: Local Stress calculation (FEM)
  • TOSCA-TW (Rule for Designated Equipment Inspection;
    High Pressure Gas Safety Law)
  • Kanagawa Prefecture’s Standard of Seismic Capacity Plan
    for High Pressure Gas Facility
  • Frame Work Analysis Software
  • In-House Developed Software using Excel

    Regulation & Standards (Domestic):
    Strength Calculation Sheet for pressure-resistance,
    quake-resistance, and wind-resistance

    Standards (Overseas):
    Strength Calculation Sheet for ASME/WRC

    Equipment Support: Standard Strength Calculation Sheet (JPI etc.)

Planning Software

  • AutoCAD (2D)
  • Autodesk Inventor (3D)


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