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Design City Japan Ltd. is a team of mechanical designing technicians that provides professional support to many engineering and manufacturing companies. We specialize in designing chemical machinery and petrochemical plants that require technology to control high temperature and high pressure. Through our knowledge and experiences, we have expanded our business in the field of designing consulting for general machines, equipment and facilities for industries.
For the past few years, we have designed plants for global clients, and we are expanding our business all around the world. However, there is one thing we have not changed since our establishment, and that is to be particular about the “plus alpha”. We believe that the “plus alpha” is a design that goes beyond our customer’s expectations.
Each of our members holds the faith that our social value is to present moving designs to our customers. With such faith in each of our hearts, Design City Japan will keep challenging on creating something that does not yet exist.

Corporate Profile

Name Design City Japan Ltd.
Foundation August 1978
Establishment January 1979
Capital Stock ¥10 million
Number of
78 (55 male / 23 female)
Profit ¥513 million (2020)
Representative President  Koji Kaji
■Head Quarter
440-6 Oaza Oshinden, Nakatsu, Oita 871-0001
TEL: 0979-24-9742
FAX: 0979-24-6648
Corporate History
  • August 1978: Founded the business
  • January 1979: Established Kyushu Kisetsu Yugen Gaisha
  • August 1990: Built company office building in the current address
  • December 1995: Rename to Kyushu Kisetsu K.K.
  • September 2006: Opened Yokohama Office
  • June 2021: Rename to Design City Japan K.K.


Head Quarter

440-6 Oaza Oshinden, Nakatsu, Oita 871-0001


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